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About Us

Servegage is the start-up that is founded by a group of experts to assist to sort your all kind of needs. We provide satisfaction to our customers through our fully professional hired staff at your doorsteps in your desired timeslot and at a very affordable price. More importantly, we provide domestic services which include electricians, washing machine repair, plumber, cleaning, pest control, and so many similar services. Also, we provide personal services such as spa, beauty and these kinds of other services. So, in this way, Servegage makes your life much easier and also provide comfort to our valuable customers. Our priority is customer trust and safety so we follow strict norms and also have criteria for our vendors and supportive staff who are authenticated and verified by police administration. Apart from this, we also provide vouchers to our clients to get the service at a very reasonable price.

Our Technicians

Our asset is customer trust and their relation with us so we have to maintain our relationship through our customer for regular inspection of services that we had provided prior.

Our technicians are highly skilled, passionate and working tirelessly to provide ease to their valuable clients and also verified by the state police commission. Hence, in this way, we take care of our customers and provide a safe zone with trust and happiness.

Why to think about Home Services?

As we all know that there is always something in our home that is needed to be repair or we can’t say that everything or everyone is perfect all the time. So finding some spare time from our busy schedule to sort out all above mentioned domestic issues is too hard. Therefore, one has to put a lot of effort into finding the right person and negotiating the prices to fix their issues. So here, our Servegage experts provide end to end solutions of your problems with full of comfort and efficiency.

Our Goal

Every recognized industry has a goal to satisfy its customer needs so the same is with us. We aim to provide excellent service to our valuable customers and making their life much easier by fixing basic home repairs issues and personal issues at their doorsteps at a very reasonable price. So, here we also provide coupons to make it affordable for our customers to get any service at a discounted price.

This document was last updated on March 6th,2020