Awesome Kids Room Paint Ideas For Boys & Girls

7 Kids Room Paint Ideas

Kids room paint color picking is a very interesting task. Being a parent you always want to give your child the best room. These ideas will surely help you as well as professional painters to pick the right color for kid’s room paint ideas. Make it as it their dream room from where they never want to escape. You can consider various factories while picking the right color and right theme for your kid’s bedroom like nature and interest, what kind of personality he or she is having and so on. This will help you to make a more precise decision.

Let’s start with the list of latest and trendy kids room paint ideas that can surely help you in making this task quite easy for exploring your child’s personality.

Top 7 Kids Room Paint Ideas & Room Theme

Pink Color For Your Princess

Embrace your princess by giving her room a spectacular look with the contrast of pink paints. Its the right time to make a castle of her dreams by using this perfect color in her room.  Pink is the most common yet very trendy color for a girl’s rooms. But the complex task here to choose the right shade of pink color and combination of various pink shades. Well, don’t worry not everybody is an expert with color. So you can leave this task to professional services of Servegage to choose the right paint color for kids room. They will provide a perfect balance of pink shades to make your girl child feel like a princess.

Kids Room Paint Ideas

Pattern On The Accent Wall

An accent wall or featured wall is that interior wall of the room whose design is different from all other walls and for kid’s room it is like a blank canvas that can be used for putting that magical effect to your kid’s room. Use this accent wall for designing like

Painting favorite cartoon character of your kids choice

Family wallpaper of accent wall

Posters of superheroes

Eye-catchy pattern on the wall and so on

The accent wall is the charm of the room so take some time to first exploring your child’s personality. All this will help you in planning spectacular kids room interior design.

Some Exciting Fusion Of Colors

What about a room full of colors? Isn’t it one of the best kids room paint ideas? Kids are very fond of colors as it attracts them the most. Use different colors for every wall but wait the balance and composition of colors must be correct before choosing this theme. Make sure to take expert advice before going ahead with your plan. You can also go for choosing different shades of the same color as every color has numerous shades. Choosing your kid’s favorite color will be perfect here.

Colorful Kids Room Paint Ideas

Chalkboard On a Wall

We often have seen kids who love to draw on walls so why not provide them a wall of the chalkboard.  Prefer chalkboard paint on which your kids can draw freely rub easily and can use it again and again. After this, you will surely embrace your kid’s drawings.

Chalkboard On a Wall

Great ideas for mums who are fed up of safeguarding their house walls!!

Sea Blue For Naughty Pirates

Sea blue or ocean color also goes well as the best kid’s room paint idea. It would be more effective if you also keep kids’ room decor theme in mind like having a ship-shape bed for your kids. You can easily purchase it from Amazon with the help of Amazon Coupons to get a discount on your purchase. Try to get a sea like texture with different shades of blue color to give a wavy feel to the wall of rooms. Bring some sea-related decoration items and the room for your champ is all set!!

Bright Yellow Color- A Catchy One

Kid’s room must be painted in this way that kids love to spend more time there doing multiple activities, learning, and much more. So, one has to be very careful and particular while choosing kids room paint color. Next up on the list is a bright yellow color. Yellow color gives a bright and fresh look to the room that energizes your kid to stay active and maybe getting their homework done on time. It also helps in widening up the creativity and memory level of your kids.

Twin Bedroom Ideas

Having twins is truly a blessing but at the same time it doubles up your responsibilities as well. Thinking about the best room décor ideas for the twins room. Hope we can help you a bit.

Mirror Image Bedroom

Twins Bedroom Ideas

Boys VS Girl Theme

Boys VS Girls Twin Theme

Bunk Beds For Space Management

Bunk Bed for Twins Room Idea

Personality Reflecting Areas

Names or Initials On The Accent Walls

Names or Initials On The Accent Walls

Bonus: Kids Room Theme Ideas

A bonus tip that you can opt to give an extraordinary look to your kid’s bedroom is the choice of the theme while planning. It makes it easy to select kids’ room décor and paints as you are clear with the idea of the room structure. Also, you must be aware of the taste and preferences of your kids while selecting a theme for them.

Princess Castle Theme

Princess castle theme for kids

Universe In The Room

Universe in the room theme

Cars and Sports

Cars Theme for kids room

Lego Blocks Theme

Lego Blocks Kids Room Paint Idea

Under the Ocean

Under the sea theme for kids room
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